Xavier and Claudia – 7/30/10

Special Workshop - Friday, July 30th, 9-10pm

*Contrasts and Dynamics*

(Intermediate and up)

Tango is a duality in itself, created from oppositions, contrasts and divergent

energies. The man and the woman; proposal and listening; passion and

suffering … Thereby contrasts should be present in the dance and are

necessary to keep the nature of Tango. Those are tools available to us and

from which we can inspire. In our body, in our interpretation and in the


Workshop + Milonga: $20 ($12 students)
Workshop only: $15 ($7 students)
Milonga only: $8 ($5 students)

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Video of Xavier performing in NYC:

Instructors’ Biographies:

Xavier Vanier (Montreal/NYC) has an extensive background in music and martial arts that spans nearly two decades. This experience has granted him a facility both in his understanding of the music as well as in his movements. He began his tango studies with the widely respected Marika Landry, where his ease with the dance became immediately apparent. Within a few short years of study, he began teaching at Tango Fabrika in Montreal and was already becoming well known throughout North America.
Xavier continues to be passionate about teaching, dancing, and learning. Having recently spent several months in Buenos Aires studying with Gaston and Moira, he is more inspired than ever and is in increasingly high demand at events around the country.

Claudia Cortes (Los Angeles) was introduced to tango one night in 2005 at one of the local Los Angeles milongas. The attraction and love she found for this dance was immediate and she soon found herself dancing and studying this dance day and night. To Claudia the tango embrace is central to her dancing enriched by incredible footwork and balance with close attention to every detail of the dance.
In 2007, her passion drove her to Buenos Aires where she continued her exploration of this dance under many master dancers including Federico and Adriana Naveira. She has also been influenced by such masters as Julio Balmaceda and Corina De La Rosa and Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne.

She has been invited to teach and perform with a wide variety of visiting teachers such as Hugo Patyn and Jay Abling. Claudia teaches with Miguel Cardoso, throughout the Los Angeles and Palm Springs area; together they continue to travel to many of the Tango Festivals in pursuit of improving their dancing, meeting new friends and creating lasting memories.