Sabah “The Tango Yak”

Sabah got addicted to Tango in the late nineties. It started with dancing and now it includes being a DJ.

…Tango music occupies my thoughts and energizes my spirit and I am in constant search for good music. Although I try to vary the music I play, I am heavily influenced by the style of dance in Buenos Aires as well as the music played at the milongas there so feel free to call me old fashioned. I live for Golden age music. The emotional impact of the music is what I look for in addition to the musicality.



Vania Rey

Vania began DJing tango in 2008, and over the years she has witnessed a constant evolution both in her musical preferences and in her DJ style. A tango dancer since 2000, her greatest strength as a DJ has been to stay conscious of that development, because it permits her to relate to and play for dancers with wide spread of experience and skill levels.

Aside from hosting/DJing a monthly milonga in Austin, TX, she travels regularly to teach and DJ tango around the world, thus far having had the opportunity to play for dancers in over 50 cities on 3 continents. Those events include the big, national festivals and marathons, but also the more intimate, local milongas, including various locations in Buenos Aires.

Vania maintains a close network of tango DJ friends, which has been a way to share and discuss ideas about history, trends, fashions, and technology in the ever-changing tango music world.

DJ Vincent 

Vincent Bio Coming soon… But you already know and love him! Buddy approves and so should you!








Brick Robbins

From San Diego, Brick has been DJing for dancers two decades in both Tango and other genres. He DJs at festivals around the world and in his home town. With a love and deep knowledge of golden era tango for traditional milongas he uses the music to maintain a perfect energy level in the ballroom. Brick also brings his extensive library of dance music from outside of traditional tango to the Alternative room to create a fun and energetic dance experience for those inclined to push boundaries.




DJ Aaron Quetzal Diaz

DJ Quetzal  discovered Tango in the midst of 2015, captivated by the music, and driven by an obsession with Golden Age Orchestras, he inevitably debuted in Milonga Querida in Tijuana, Mexico. His Journey north took him to San Diego, where he DJ’s regularly a practica and several local milongas. In his short time active, he has performed in over 60 milongas, over a third in 2019 alone. With a playful style, a dynamic flow and tasty cortinas, the night always seems short.





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