Instructors – Cinco de Mayo 2024


Vania Rey and Gary Horton

Vania started teaching tango in 2002 in Berlin, Germany. She is equally respected and accomplished as both leader and follower. Her greatest strengths as a teacher and dancer are her versatility and range, gained through years of experience dancing and teaching a wide variety of styles – from Nuevo to Milonguero. By pairing an analytical mind with exceptional kinesthetic sense and strong observation skills, Vania emphasizes fine-tuning the fundamentals, and encourages the sharing of more nuanced communication as a path for deeper connection. Vania has traveled to teach and DJ tango in Buenos Aires, and all-over North America and Europe.

Gary believes that everyone has what it takes to have fun dancing tango, and is excited to work together with you in finding ways to enjoy it even more. Now ten years after his first tango class in Bozeman, Montana, he continues to be drawn to the depth of connection, the richness of nonverbal communication, and the range of self-expression that tango offers.

Vania has a degree in finance and Gary has degrees in engineering and secondary education. They started dancing together in 2015 and live in Austin, Texas.

Fulya & Ozhan Leylek

They use their knowledge of various dance forms to enrich their Tango. They have a unique teaching method where they focus on maintaining connection and clear intention at all times to create a seamless dance. Their method involves using proper body mechanics and expanding the body limits for a full expression of this unique improvisational art form. Fulya and Ozhan are very dedicated teachers  both to tango education and community growth.