Fernanda and Santiago – March 25th-27th

Between Valentango and Tucson Tango Festival, Fernanda and Santiago are making a stop in San Diego for the Escapade weekend!


Friday 3/25 8:00-9:30pm Pre-Milonga Class at Milonga Sin Nombre – $15 class alone or $20 for milonga plus class “Smooth and elegant ‘paradas’ and ‘pasadas’ with sexy embellishments for the follower”

Sunday Workshops at Tango Addicts’ Milonga (4569 30th St)
Sunday 3/27 1-2:30pm: Discover all the possibilities, strengths and weaknesses of your embrace while doing different kinds of turns, going from open to close and vice-versa.

Sunday 3/27 2:45-4:15pm: Creative and sensual milonguero style patterns. Learn to be more dynamic and still feel good to yourself and your partner.

Sunday workshops are $50 for both, $30 each.

Part of the : San Diego Tango Escapade weekend.

Santiago Castro & Fernanda Valdovinos (Chile) Known not only for his elegance, precision and musicality, Santiago combines improvisation with the elegance and flavor of the milonguero style. He is faithful and devoted to the kind of tango he believes is the authentic tango–i.e. the kind of tango which emphasizes the embrace, walking, music, the feeling, respect and codes. He nurtures his students to help them become better dancers and inspires them so that they can feel and understand tango not only as a dance, but as an attitude and a way of life.

Fernanda began dancing tango in Chile. Besides her emotional sensitivity and tango experience, she is an intellectual with a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. With this, she is a wonderful complement to Santiago’s long experience in tango, as together they are able to think and feel deeply about the tango culture, the emotions that emerge through the music, and the connection established by the embrace.