Festivalito Sin Nombre – Schedule

Milonga Schedule

December 31 4:30pm – 7:30Welcome MilongaLight Snacks, CoffeeDJ TBA
10pm-3amNYE CelebrationElegant Hors d’Oeuvres, (empanadas and others) decadent sweets, Champagne Toast. Sangria, Coffee and other beverages.DJ Jun Yi
10:30pm-1amAlternative (downstairs)(same as above)DJ Brick Robbins
January 13pm-7pmAlternative MilongaAmerican Picnic – Sandwich bar, sides, brownies. Lemonade. Coffee of course.DJ Sabah
10pm-3amNight MilongaClassic Milonga: Bread and warm cheese dip. Hummus, Veggies, Pita. Cheese and crackers, assorted other finger food. Fresh baked cookies, brownies, the infamous banana bread. Sangria and other beverages. Coffee of course.DJ Olga Bogatova
10:30pm-1amAlternative 2nd FloorDJ Brick Robbins
January 23pm-7pmAfternoon MilongaTaco Bar – make your own tacos. Tres leches cake? Lemonade. Coffee of course.DJ TBA
10pm-5amAll-Night MilongaWill it be the comeback of the waffles??? Other good milonga food all night long, but we think at 3 am… it’s time for waffles. Coffee of course.
DJ Vincent Wong
Schedule is subject to change. *These are our current plans for treats, final food choices may vary.

Class Schedule Pending

DateTimeClass DescriptionLevelInstructor
January 12:00-3:15pmCircular movements using association and dissociationInt/AdvOzhan and Fulya
3:30-4:45pmChange of DirectionsBeg/IntOzhan and Fulya
January 22:00-3:15pmExpansion and CompressionInt/AdvOzhan and Fulya
3:30-4:45pmDynamics of Different TurnsBeg/IntOzhan and Fulya
Schedule is subject to change.

Absolute Beginners’ Bootcamp

DateTimeClass DescriptionClass LevelInstructor
January 17:00-8:15pmIntroduction to TangoBeginnerOzhan and Fulya
January 27:00-8:15pmConnection and EmbraceBeginnerOzhan and Fulya
Schedule is subject to change.