Class Schedule (ALL Classes are at La Vie Studio 1255 WEST Morena)

DateTimeLocationClass DescriptionLevelInstructor
Dec 29
7-8:15pmDownstairsCreating strong and subtle connection in pivotsVania
8:30-9:45pmDownstairsCute small space turnsVania
Dec 30
1-2:15pmUpstairsThe art of walking and the subtlety of leading and following.L&Y
2:30-3:45pmUpstairsDancing rhythmically and playfully without needing a lot of space.L&Y
Dec 31st
11am-12:15pmUpstairsFollowers’ Technique : axis and balance, working leg and free legAllLiz
DownstairsLeader’s Technique axis and balance, working leg and free legAllYannick
12:30-1:45pmUpstairsThe beauty of the melody and how to interpret this in your dancingL&Y
DownstairsCross feet rock-step-turns in ValsVania
2:00-3:15pmUpstairsThe art of slowing down and its techniqueVania
DownstairsChange of directions using different elements: Build from a simple change of direction to a more complex one using giradas, boleos & sacadas. O&F
January 111:30-12:45UpstairsIndependent TechniqueAllVania
1:00-2:15pmUpstairsVania’s favorite milonga stepVania
1:00-2:15pmDownstairsThe connection with our partner and with the music and how to find our own freedom of dancing within.L&Y
2:30-3:45pmUpstairsCo-creation in dance : An approach for different possibilities in lead & follow.O&F
2:30-3:45pmDownstairsHow to dance to Anibal Troilo, the perfect harmony of melody and rhythm and the richness this gives to us as dancers.L&Y
Schedule is subject to change.